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2008 Music Oz Awards – Highly Commended Artists
7 January 2009

divine mechanism has been judged as ‘Highly Commended Artists’ for our music video ‘Vocalise’ ( and track ‘Before’ in the 2008 Music Oz Awards.

Divine mechanism on the Qantas A380!
28 September 2008

Our divine mechanism album is being featured on the Qantas Oasis relaxation channel from September to December. It comes with its very own warning - this program may cause drowsiness!

Watch our music video for vocalise on YouTube
13 July 2008

A gold statue, office executive, ballerina, gym junkie, and school child are going through the motions of their daily mundane routine. Suddenly an ethereal voice fills their mind and they see fleeting images of the muses of ‘divine mechanism’. Curiously following, they escape to the joys of a magical mystical land. Playing, laughing, they come together to experience the surreal sounds of the evocative music. Coming back to reality a little happier, surely it must have been a dream…right?

Directed, Written and Edited by Malgorzata (Maz) Swierczak.

YouTube Link

divine mechanism can now be heard on Foxtel Lounge Channel
3 July 2008

Tune in to the Foxtel Lounge Channel to hear tracks from our album.

divine mechanism music video screening @ Loop
24 June 2008

divine mechanism create mischief in every day life...

Come and join us for the screening, a quick tune or two, a chat and a vino at the funky Loop performance space.

Under 18s are welcome but one parent/guardian is required per child (and the law says they've got be out of there by 7.30... and if they leave after 2am, they won't be allowed back in ;) )

Random Music Video Clip Facts!

* The Vocalise music video was produced, directed and edited by the extremely talented Malgorzata (Maz) Swierczak whose credits include Superman Returns.
* There was almost 20 people crewing
* There are over 50 wonderful actors and dancers featured in the clip
* The clip will be featured on the Fanatical Films "Koh Tao" adventure DVD - with an expected distribution of almost 50,000

vocalise film clip is a wrap!
2 June 2008

divine mechanism and an amazing group of talented actors and crew spent the weekend filming a video clip for the divine mechanism track Vocalise. This clip (and the Vocalise track) is to be featured on an upcoming DVD release.

In some trying conditions (early, freezing cold mornings) the cast and crew managed to complete a hectic schedule of filming involving gyms, cars, ballet studios, parks, schools and talent shows.

After two days of shooting, the footage will now be viewed and edited and should be ready soon for its first public showing at LOOP (date tba). All are welcome to come and see the result of everyone's hard work.

A big thanks go to all those who helped out on the day, including:

divine mechanism at S3 (Sydney Song Summit)
4 April 2008

Meeting Sandy Thom, Paul Mac, Nigel Westlake, Tyrone Noonan.... Katie had an amazing time at the S3. There were so many amazing people there and a definite highlight listening to such amazing muso's stories and hearing them perform live.

Another radio interview
2 April 2008

Katie was interviewed by Sylvie Stern in Canberra on 2XXfm. She was a guest in the Art'n'Soul & Artbeat segment which explores "what's what in visual arts (Art'n'soul) and cutting edge theatre, contemporary dance, independent film and much more (Artbeat)". Two tracks (Vocalise and Before) were played.

More radio play
2 April 2008

One of divine mechanism's tracks (Before) was played on Melbourne's JOY 94.9 radio station.

divinemechanism now available in stores and online!
7 March 2008

divine mechanism's album is available at a number of locations and online...

in store
    JB Hi-Fi Chadstone and Eastland (Vic) but the album can be ordered from any music store!

divine mechanism album launch!
6 February 2008

Over 70 people came to the launch of our Album at Loop. The night included two live versions of tracks "Remember Me" and "Scarborough Fair" with guest vocalists Josephine Giles & Cristina Russo. A fun night was had by all!

Photos of the night can be seen on our myspace page...

More awards for Vocalise
29 January 2008

divine mechanism has won a ton of GarageBand awards for their track Vocalise. The week of 28 January saw Vocalise recieve the following awards:
    Best Programming overall (Rated the best of every track on garageband!)
    Best Female Vocals in Ambient
    Best Keyboards in Ambient
    Best Programming in Ambient
    Best Production in Ambient
    Best Mood in Ambient

divine mechanism on Nova!
25 January 2008

divine mechanism's track, The Mission, was played on Nova 93.7 (in Perth). It was featured on their Sunday morning programme, Chillsville.

Radio interview on EasternFM
15 January 2008

divine mechanism will feature in a live interview on Eastern FM on 21 January. Tune in to 98.1 FM at 11am to hear us and our music on the radio!

Vocalise voted 'Best Mood' on
31 December 2007

The success of Vocalise continues with its 'Best Mood' award in the ambient genre on GarageBand. This comes after its "Track of the Day" award the previous month.

You can visit our GarageBand page here.

Distribution deal signed...
30 November 2007

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution deal with Amphead Entertainment.
    AmpHead Music - as the Australasian branch of The Orchard - is the largest distributor of independent music in the world, representing an enormous wealth of music resources in over 73 countries. Digital music service provision, digital and physical distribution, music licensing and promotions are the core components of AmpHead Music/The Orchard's expert services. We continue to develop a vast catalogue of over one million titles and more than 6,000 labels spanning every genre.
This will enable anyone to access our CD online and in stores when released.

Vocalise to feature on
7 November 2007

After positive reviews from members of GarageBand, our track Vocalise has been selected to be the Track of the Day on GarageBand's ambient music page.

Here is what GarageBand said:
    Congratulations! As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, "Vocalise" will be Track of the Day at

    For 24 hours on Wednesday, the 14th of November, 2007 (PST) "Vocalise" will be featured on's Ambient front page.
You can visit our GarageBand page here.

CD Date to be announced
2 November 2007

Our team is busily working on the final stages of CD production.
  • We are currently working with graphic designer John Parry to finish the art and graphics for the CD.
  • All our music is mastered and ready to be pressed.
  • Trevor is negotiating deals and distribution (sometimes even for us).
  • Jamie is managing our online expeditions when he's not managing his own social calendar.
  • Minh, our info-tech consultant (with a fine set of abs), is keeping us in contact with the world.
Stay tuned for more updates or sign up to our friends for the latest news.

We have 150 friends on MySpace!
10 May 2007

Yeah we realise that it doesn't compare to the 15 million friends that some people have (e.g. like Jamie our online manager) but our aim is quality not quantity...

To help us beat him click here.

Final track sent to Nelsonics
8 May 2007

Our revised track has finally made it into the hands of the masterer!

No. 25 on TripleJ Unearthed Chart
22 April 2007

We are very excited to announce that our track Vocalise has made it to number 25 on the TripleJ Unearthed charts and number 1 on the Electronic charts.