divine mechanism

  • Fast, effective temporary relief of reality and apathy
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • May contain traces of coffee, friends (& randoms), late nights, riesling, lucid discussions, sea breezes, squeaky beaches, round houses

  • divine mechanism is a renovation of heritage tunes with modern technology. Well-known pieces from antiquity are developed and arranged into a new, more dynamic experience of sound.

    Coming together to combine their individual strengths and skills, Katie and Gareth set about to create something fresh and unique. Influenced by a wide range of musical tastes, they select music that moves them, but may not be part of today's musical diet. Mixing the sounds of today's music with the melodies of the past.

    current news

    2008 Music Oz Awards – Highly Commended Artists

    divine mechanism has been judged as ‘Highly Commended Artists’ for our music video ‘Vocalise’ (http://www.youtube.com/divinemechanism) and track ‘Before’ in the 2008 Music Oz Awards.

    Divine mechanism on the Qantas A380!

    Our divine mechanism album is being featured on the Qantas Oasis relaxation channel from September to December. It comes with its very own warning - this program may cause drowsiness!

    Watch our music video for vocalise on YouTube

    A gold statue, office executive, ballerina, gym junkie, and school child are going through the motions of their daily mundane routine. Suddenly an ethereal voice fills their mind and they see fleeting images of the muses of ‘divine mechanism’. Curiously following, they escape to the joys of a magical mystical land. Playing, laughing, they come together to experience the surreal sounds of the evocative music. Coming back to reality a little happier, surely it must have been a dream…right?

    Directed, Written and Edited by Malgorzata (Maz) Swierczak.

    YouTube Link

    vocalise film clip is a wrap!

    divine mechanism and an amazing group of talented actors and crew spent the weekend filming a video clip for the divine mechanism track Vocalise. This clip (and the Vocalise track) is to be featured on an upcoming DVD release.

    In some trying conditions (early, freezing cold mornings) the cast and crew managed to complete a hectic schedule of filming involving gyms, cars, ballet studios, parks, schools and talent shows.

    After two days of shooting, the footage will now be viewed and edited and should be ready soon for its first public showing at LOOP (date tba). All are welcome to come and see the result of everyone's hard work.

    A big thanks go to all those who helped out on the day, including: